Hosts Global Forum: Insights from our Local Expert

Our 6th Annual Hosts Global Forum is just a few months away. The Hosts Global team is very excited to prepare for our first European Forum experience occurring June 21 – 24, 2018 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. In preparation for the conference, our Director of Events and Operations, Denise Marie Germano, sat down with local expert and Hosts’ Global Sales Ambassador, Michael Dalton, CIS for an inside scoop on Belfast and the efforts underway for the 2018 Forum.


Denise Marie: You must be thrilled to showcase your destination during this years’ Hosts Global Forum.

Michael: Words cannot express how much this opportunity means to our team and our city. As the Director of Sales for Moloney & Kelly, a Hosts Global member, we are beyond thrilled to serve as the host DMC for Forum. Planning this experience in collaboration with Hosts and our partners at Hastings Hotels and Tourism Northern Ireland has been a great deal of fun. As a native of Ireland, I’m honored to introduce our clients and colleagues to the magic this destination holds.


Denise Marie: I understand anticipating weather in Ireland can be tricky. Any packing tips for those attending?

Michael: Layers are key! You can experience a plethora of seasons within one day in Belfast, so layers are essential. You’ll definitely need a light coat and sunglasses daily.


Denise Marie: Northern Ireland has received a significant amount of press over the past few months, any accolades you are most proud of?

Michael: Lonely Planet named Belfast and the Causeway Coast one of the best regions to visit in 2018 – expert taste and perfect timing if you ask me! Also, National Geographic Traveler named Donegal the #1 place on the planet in “The Cool List” 2017 … it doesn’t get much better than that! The desire to visit Ireland is prevalent. Case and point – within days of launching, the Hosts Global Forum registration was already at 60% capacity. We understand a large majority of that is driven by the exceptional conference content, but we’re going to let the destination take a bit of the credit as well.


Denise Marie: Without giving away any secrets, what are you most looking forward to showcasing to attendees during Forum?

Michael: While most have been to Europe, many have not been to Belfast and they are in for a pleasant surprise. We are the hippest upcoming destination in Europe and plan to showcase a number of our greatest offerings during the conference. We (the Irish) are known for our sense of humor and “craic” (Irish word for “fun”), so attendees should be prepared for good times and lots of laughter.


Denise Marie: For guests extending their visit in Ireland, which “must see” locations do you recommend?

Michael: I’m excited for our clients who secured a spot on our sold out Post-Forum FAM trip to Dublin and Adare Manor. While that’s a bit of a plug for the FAM, it’s also my honest recommendation for places you don’t want to miss – the vibrant city of Dublin and the rare experience to enjoy “secret Ireland” with local opportunities near the newly restored Adare Manor.


Denise Marie: Any closing comments about the Hosts Global Forum for our guests?

Michael: Plan to be amazed by the destination, but also by the conference content. A few of the hot topics that will be addressed by industry leaders include:

  • Designing meetings for optimum results
  • GDPR compliance
  • How to manage VAT working internationally
  • Cyber Security
  • Emergency Preparedness

It’s going to be a great experience packed with education, networking, collaboration with Hosts’ DMC members and unforgettable events in Belfast.

To learn more about the Hosts Global Forum, contact

Denise Marie Germano

Director of Events & Operations

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