Accor Discovers the Passionate Wonders of Argentina








The goal

Reward Accor top sales performers from all the properties in North & Central America regions and motivate them to continue surpassing business goals. Create shared moments to foster relationships with senior leaders and build enthusiasm for the next sales season.

The challenges

  • Innovate and develop never-been-done-before experiences and provide exclusive hand-made gifts crafted in Argentina and Uruguay.
  • Surpass the extraordinary moments from the previous year, so even repeat incentive winners would be surprised and delighted.


Personalized and unforgettable moments

Passion for Events intentionally designed each event so that attendees would hold onto the memories for years to come. Highlights included a 1940’s-style affair that told the story of Eva Peron and Che Guevera and included surprise musical performances and breathtaking tango dances, and interactive futbol demos that kicked off the morning events.

Captivate with culture

We wanted guests to feel Argentina’s and Uruguay’s passion, not just see it. The strategy: Pack every program element, even client gifts, with local culture. Passion for Events deliberately chose every performer, designed every room, and organized every activity to showcase that local pride and passion.

Curate activities to excite every guest

Accor’s top performers and their spouses were a diverse group, with various interests and tastes.  To personalize the experience for everyone invited, Passion for Events arranged an à la carte collection of 20 unique, specialized tours. Guests were invited to choose and select their own adventure.

Offer hospitality sunup to sundown

The DMC staffed a courtesy Hospitality Desk throughout the event to assist guests with any of their needs throughout their stay. Guests relied daily on their presence and their services.

Work with local artisans

It was important for Accor to gift their employees with one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted takeaways to bring back home and remind them of their extraordinary time. Passion for Events worked with local artisans throughout Argentina to create 2800, special edition gifts exclusively for this client. This also was a chance to authentically showcase the country’s workmanship and crafts, plus support local entrepreneurs and their families.

Stay true to sustainability

The DMC audited and monitored sustainability measures throughout the event. This included opting for reusable cups and cutlery over disposable, using digital signage, minimizing printed collateral and offsetting emissions through donation programs.


This multifaceted event left an unmistakable impact on Accor’s guests. They flooded Passion for Events with glowing reviews, both during and after their travels. The visceral impact of their experiences was a massive motivator to continue, and even elevate, their sales success. They took hundreds of photos and compiled several stories to take back home to the office. This post-trip sharing has shown to have a ripple effect, motivating other office colleagues to also amplify their own performance so that they are eligible for next year’s incentive reward.

It's your turn

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